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The Most Iconic Chanel Bags

Chanel is one of the many brands that come to mind when you talk about designer bags. The brand established itself as a prominent fashion line that also manufactures the best bags used by high profile individuals. This brand’s popularity resulted to numerous Chanel replica bags distributed in the market.

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If you’re planning to buy a Channel replica bag, the following are the iconic bags from the brand that you should consider:

The Medallion Tote

Unlike other Chanel it bags, the brand designed the Medallion Tote with a neutral color, making it the perfect accessory for every fashion style. The quilted surface has the brand’s logo placed through stitching. This bag’s size fits well as you carry it in your arm, which makes it a lightweight accessory for daily use.  Buyers can also carry the bag using the hand strap that fits well around elbows. Securing the bag’s contents is a prominent zipper with Chanel logo.

The Camera Bag

Experts dubbed the Camera Bag as Chanel’s vintage classic bag. This bag is already phased out or not in production. But you’re still lucky enough to find this bag sold as a secondhand item. Replica bag sellers also have this model in their inventories with the number of women who still want to score this bag.

This bag looks small, but with sufficient interior space for keeping all your daily necessities. The Camera Bag comes with a chain strap that adds elegance to its design. The end of the zipper has tassels made from materials with the same color as the main bag’s color. Due to its design, buyers are able to use the Camera Bag as a daily bag or as additional bag for travel.

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WOC stands for Wallet on Chain, Chanel’s elegant bag with timeless beauty. Its silhouette follows the same clutch bag style made from quilted material. This bag is the top choice for women who want flexibility in their accessories. It can be used as a regular clutch bag, shoulder bag, and cross body bag. 

Just like other models, this bag has the same timeless style. Chanel reissued this model multiple times due to the demand. Each edition is designed to match new fashion trends. Replica designer handbags.

The CHANEL Flap Bag

The Flap Bag is a classic model used as the main silhouette for other Flap Bag versions. Unveiled in 1955, this model has the silhouette of the classy clutch and shoulder bag with the popular flap. The flap has a space meant for the Chanel logo serving as clasp to secure its contents.

Chanel issued different Flap Bag styles and versions, but it retails the same metallic chain that adds flexibility to its use.


PST refers to Petite Shopping Tote, which is the Grand Shopping Tote’s younger sibling. This itBag is perfect for women looking for chic size in small package. Due to its size, this bag is perfect for daily use. All the materials used are lightweight to ensure buyers will enjoy its features. 

The PST’s hand straps have a combination of regular material and chain intertwined together to add unique style for the model.

The Supermodel Tote

Numerous celebrities are seen wearing this bag, particularly during their trips. The model has large body and interior meant to work as a carry-on bag. Itbagt0z. Made from polished leather, the Supermodel Tote has the beauty meant for celebrities who should be ready for their close-up at airports.

The Supermodel Tote has the metallic branded Chanel logo clasp found at the center of the bag. If follows the PST’s hand strap design due by intertwining leather and metallic chain. Another standout feature is that this bag has flat and smooth surface, which is different from the usual quilted bags.

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The Briefcase

The Briefcase is a chic luxury briefcase meant for fashionable working women. It follows the same briefcase silhouette, but applying the same Chanel bag elements like quilted surface and Chanel clasp.

The Jumbo and Mini Flap

These are the other Flap Bag versions. The Jumbo Flap Bag follows the same Flap Bag design, but with larger body for better interior space. As of now, it’s easier to buy this model from owners who are planning to clean their Chanel cabinets.

The Mini Flap Bag is the smaller version, which is perfect with formal attire. This model has sufficient space that fits necessities like lipstick, mobile phone, business card, and others.

The Grand Shopper Tote

The CHANEL Grand Shopper is the larger tote bag that can also be used as a carry-on. It’s the basis for the PST bag, which means both have the same design elements with different sizes.

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ROLEX Lady-Datejust Replica

Lady-Datejust: Because Ladies Love Rolex Too!

The Rolex Lady-Datejust appeals to the feminine side of successful and sophisticated women. Make your choice between the Lady-Datejust 28 or the Lady-Datejust Pearlmaster. 

The Rolex brand is typically associated with everything about men and their manly pursuits, be it race car driving, diving under the sea, and conquering the business world. But the savvy company has recognized that in the age of empowerment, women have as much right to these manly pursuits as the men, too – and, thus, was born the Rolex Lady-Datejust.

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While many of Rolex’s competitors, such as Omega, Cartier, and Tag Heuer, have also released wristwatches that women will also snap up, Rolex arguably still remains at the top of the game with its Lady-Datejust. No, it’s not just because of the model name itself, which clearly states its target market, but also because it combines the feminine beauty sought by sophisticated women in their jewelry. When combined with Rolex’s trademark high-precision accuracy in movement and world-class quality in overall design, it has become a must-have for all successful and stylish women across the world.

But there are two sides of the coin here. On one hand, the Rolex Lady-Datejust is a luxury watch with tens of thousands of dollars in its price tag, especially since it has several carats’ worth of diamonds and sapphires, among other precious gems. On the other hand, the watch has several high-quality imitations that can be purchased at a tiny fraction of the original item’s cost – and that’s good news, indeed!

With that being said, here are two of the Rolex Lady-Datejust replica versions that you can choose from. Better yet, since you will be purchasing the reasonably-priced, high-quality imitation, you should just purchase two so as to become their proud owner and wearer.

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